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 The Two Tandems West Gang at Bayview State Park on Puget Sound, near Anacortes Washington.        


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83 days.


3771 miles.


Our final destination was my Grandma's home at Grandview Village, in Marysville, Washington! Grandma had a fantastic welcoming party waiting for us complete with friends, relatives, balloons and champagne!

Left: Leanne and Lorene Bell (aka Grandma) toast the arrival of the Two Tandems West Gang!

Right: Brian pours champagne for my Cousin Christie, Curtis (on Christie's lap) and her husband, Craig with some of Grandma's friends in the background.

Finally....Washington State!


Brian and Carrie coming over the top of Rainy Pass. 

This was the last climb along the North Cascade Highway. The ascents were tough, but the views were absolutely spectacular!



We climbed over five major mountain passes during our last week. Below are the snapshots to prove it!!


































Thank you for all of the support you have shown us over the past 83 days! 

Semper Fidelis my friends!